Brandless Review Part 2: Brandless vs. Amazon

brandless vs amazon

Brandless vs Amazon: An online grocery shopping search for the lowest prices

In my Brandless Review, I shared the pros and cons of Brandless. Brandless is a online grocery store offering GMO-free food and other items that are environmentally friendly. Many have compared Brandless to Trader Joes, but Trader Joes does not sell online.

In a search to find the best deals, I am compared item that I bought from Brandless vs. Amazon name brand items to find the best deals. Everything that Brandless sells is $3, which seems like a good deal, until you look at the size of the items. I compared similar items by price per oz or packaging size.

As an admitted Amazon Primeaholic, I rarely go a week with receiving one or more shipments from Amazon. After becoming a mom, running to the store to grab a few things is not as easy as it used to be, but one-click check out on Amazon Prime makes it incredibly easy to get anything I need.

Brandless vs Amazon Prime

A lot of the items I ordered from Brandless, can be bought on Amazon with a name-brand. One of the things I love about shopping on Amazon is that it is easy to see what the price per ounce or use is for items (like .14 per wash for detergent). I like to think keeping an eye on the price per use, saves money over time (every cent counts, right?).

Here is a comparison of pricing, between the items I purchased on Brandless vs. Amazon pricing.

  • Acacia Wood Serving Spoon:  Brandless: $3 each vs.  Amazon: Set of 3, $12.99 ($4.33 each)

  • Bagasse Sugarcane Fiber Bowls:  Brandless: $3 for 20 (.15 each)  | Amazon: $11.99 for 60 (.20 each)

  • Bagasse Sugarcane Fiber Plates: Brandless: $3 for 32 (.9 each)  | Amazon: $11.99 for 60 (.20 each)

  • Cinnamon Glazed Almonds, 4 oz: Brandless: $3 for 4 oz. bag (.75 per oz.)  | Amazon: $5.11 for 5.5 oz. (.93 per oz.)

  • Disposable Flatware – Forks, Spoons & Knives: Brandless: $3 for 8 sets (.38 per set.)  | Amazon: $16 for 50 sets (.32 per oz.)

  • Fine Line Pens, 0.4mm Point, 8ct: Brandless: $3 for 8 pens (.38 per pen)  | Amazon: $12 for 12 pens ($1.00 per pen)

  • Gluten Free Italian Herb Pizza Crust Mix: Brandless: $3 for 10 oz. box (.30 per oz)  | Amazon: $29.11 for pack of 8, 7.5 oz. boxes (.49 per oz.)

  • Gluten Free Yellow Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese, 6 oz each, 2 boxes: Brandless: $3 for 2 boxes (.25 per oz)  | Amazon: $28.27 for pack of 12, 6 oz. boxes (.39 per oz.)

  • Organic Butternut Squash Soup: Brandless: $3 for 11.5oz container (.26 per oz)  | Amazon: $45.42 for pack of 6, 12 oz. boxes (.63 per oz.)

  • Organic Maple Syrup Grade A: Brandless: $3 for 6.7 oz. bottle (.45 per oz)  | Amazon: $18.86 for 32 oz. bottle (.59 per oz.)

  • Organic English Breakfast Black Tea, 20ct: Brandless: $3 (.15 per tea bag)  | Amazon: $3.29 (.16 per tea bag)

  • Organic Quinoa: Brandless: $3 for 12 oz. (.24 per oz)  | Amazon: $18.82 for 4.5lbs. (.24 per oz.)

  • Organic Taco Seasoning Packet: Brandless: $3 for 2 ($1.50 each)  | Amazon: $12.17 for 12 packets ($1.02 each)

  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: Brandless: $3 for 6 oz. ($.50 per oz.)  | Amazon: $17.08 for 54oz.  ($.32 per oz.)

  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Brandless: $3 for 8.5 oz. ($.35 per oz.)  | Amazon: $6.40 for 16 oz. ($.40 per oz.)

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Green, Eco-Friendly) Brandless: $3 for 24 oz. ($.13 per oz.)  | Amazon: $17.56 for 4 bottles ($.18 per oz.)

  • Tree Free Bath Tissue, 2 Ply, Double Rolls: Brandless: $3 for 6 ($.50 each)  | Amazon: $41.70 for 4 packs of 12 rolls  ($.94 each)

When comparing Brandless vs. Amazon, Brandless is surprisingly cheaper for a number of items– especially for the more expensive organic items like maple syrup and coconut oil, and the gluten-free mixes. Of the items that are cheaper on Amazon (like toilet paper), they must be bought in bulk. Buying in bulk may work for some, but if you are short on pantry space, Brandless is the best options for almost every item shown above.

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Brandless has over 300 products on its website! If you want to give Brandless a try click here to get $6 off your first order. 

If you want to give Amazon a try, click here for a free Amazon Prime Trial (aka Free 2-day shipping!). The prices for Amazon products listed above were not a part of the Amazon Fresh Grocery Delivery program, because not all items were available and Amazon Fresh is only available in select areas.

brandless vs amazon

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