Colorado Travel Tips: Denver Aquarium

denver aquarium review

Denver Aquarium Review During a recent trip to Denver, we stopped at the Downtown Aquarium. We had a great time and I thrilled to tell you more about it. The Downtown Aquarium in Denver has something for everyone- beautiful fish tanks, live mermaids, real tigers and so much more! Even at the young age of […]

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Tips for Traveling With Breast Milk

traveling with breast milk header

7 Ways to Make Traveling With Breast Milk Easier I consider myself an experienced traveler, but traveling with my son has presented a new level of planning for travel. One of the biggest challenges thus far has been traveling with breast milk. In the first seven months of his life, we have taken a number […]

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New Mom Travel Tips: TSA Breast Milk Regulations

tsa breast milk formula rules

Understanding the TSA Breast Milk Rules Last week I flew for the first time with my 6 month old. I read the TSA Breast Milk regulations while I was packing to ensure I packed my breast milk correctly. The regulations are very straightforward. “Formula, breast milk and juice are allowed in reasonable quantities in carry-on bags. […]

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