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Expecting a new arrival next fall? Create an Easter pregnancy announcement to share the news this spring.

When I found out I was pregnant last February, I was so thrilled to share the news! But, I was also terrified to tell people too soon. I waited until we got to the 12-week mark. This meant we would be sharing the news in April.

The timing worked out perfectly, as we were able to do an Easter pregnancy announcement. I found some cute ideas, most of which included easter eggs in some form or another. I decided to skip the dyed eggs and do something a little different.

Easter Pregnancy Announcement with our Dogs

Instead of hiring a photographer and doing a photo shoot, I decided to take matters into my own hands and let our dogs share the news. Our dogs are a very important part of our family and have always been included in our Christmas card photo. I originally wanted to do a pregnancy announcement with our dogs. When I realized the Easter weekend would be the 12-week mark, it was even more fun to double dip on the dog and Easter themes.  All it took to bribe the dogs was a few cheese sticks and some props to create our Easter Pregnancy Announcement.

easter pregnancy announcement

I used the following items to create our Easter themed pregnancy announcement photos:

Pregnancy Announcement Chalk Board Messaging

The chalkboard was key to Easter theme pregnancy announcement messaging. I found some customized chalkboards on Etsy, but once again in an effort to save a little money, I decided to write my own. I took measurements for the chalkboard and did some math to determine how big each letter could be for everything to fit. Using a ruler, I made small marks on the board so I knew where each letter should start and end. Mine did not look professional, but it was easy to read. You can find some great tips for writing on chalkboards here.

easter pregnancy announcement
If you do not want to include dogs (or other humans) this is a simple way to share the news with an easter twist.

Spreading the News

Call me old fashion, but I love sending snail mail. So, I created our Easter Pregnancy Announcements on Purpletrail.com. I ordered yellow envelopes with the cards and made spring-themed returned addresses labels, which I felt added to the overall springtime vibes.

This is the address label template that I used. 

I mailed the announcement to family and close friends so they would receive the day before Easter.

easter pregnancy announcement 1
I used a template & customized it. Click the photo to see the template I modified.

On Easter Sunday, we made the official social media announcement on Instagram.

easter pregnancy announcement

easter pregnancy announcement 4

easter pregnancy announcement
This layout would be better with a larger chalkboard. I added the table to give the chalkboard more elevation.


Looking for more Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas? See more ideas on parents.com. Check out Purpletrail.com for a HUGE selection of pregnancy announcement cards.

easter pregnancy announcement

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