6 Reasons To Do A Maternity Photo Shoot

maternity photo shoot

Why Every First-time Mom Should Do A Maternity Photo Shoot

I will admit, I felt a little foolish on the way to my maternity shoot. Who was I to think I need to schedule my own photo shoot? Who was I to think I need to spend $120 on a dress I would wear for an hour? Who was I to think I need to have a professional photographer document that one time I was growing a human and gained 30lbs?

Looking back, I can say without a doubt, doing a maternity shoot was one of the highlights of my entire pregnancy.

Now, I look at the photos in amazement and pride. I grew a fucking human! Me! My body…grew a human! I love that big belly. It kept my sweet baby safe until he was ready to join the world in person.

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Why I Did Maternity Photos

The first time someone asked me if I was going to get maternity photos, I said, “no”. I had not even considered it. Why would I want to pay someone to document the most uncomfortable time of my life? During my search for an outfit to wear at my baby shower, I noticed a lot of beautiful maternity gowns (thanks Instagram). One hashtag led to another, and boom, I was looking at Sew Trendy. I saw all these beautiful pregnant women showcasing their bumps in long flowing gowns. I want to remember my pregnancy like that, elegant and beautiful, not how I feel, fat and uncomfortable.

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As a Colorado native and water lover, I really wanted the scenery in my photos to included a lake with mountains in the background. I contacted a number of photographers and chose Jessica Lee Photography. We scheduled a shoot at a lake outside of Boulder, Colorado.

I ordered a beautiful, long dress from Sew Trendy. I was very happy with the dress that I ordered. It was hand-sewn and fit perfectly. And, the resale market for Sew Trendy is good. I sold my dress on eBay with no trouble (which also means you may be able to find a gently used Sew Trendy dress on eBay for a bargain!). maternity photo shoot Before my photos, I went to my talented friend’s salon and she did my hair and make-up for me. I don’t know about you, but I loooove getting my hair and makeup done. I always feel like a queen after. Despite feeling fabulous after my glam session, I second guessed my choice all the way to the maternity shoot. Why did I need to do all this? Wasn’t it excessive? People get pregnant all the time. Was I being extra?!

maternity photo shoot

Then, magic happened. It was a beautiful evening with a nearly perfect sunset.  Near the end of the session, I even walked into the lake barefoot and let my dress float on top of the water, as the sun was setting behind the mountains in the background. The entire evening seemed perfect.

Without even seeing the photos, I felt like a million bucks for the first time since becoming pregnant.

I remember looking at the photos and thinking, wow, you did it! After struggling with infertility, having a rough first trimester, and feeling like a hot mess for most of the 31 weeks of my pregnancy; I saw myself completely different. I saw a beautiful, confident, mother. Whether you can afford a photographer or ask a friend to help you with DIY maternity photo shoot, I urge you have maternity photos taken. Embrace your curves, love your belly, recognize the divine powers you possess to grow a baby for 40-ish weeks.

maternity photo shoot


Reason To Do A Maternity Photo Shoot

  • You Get to Dress Up: Nothing cheers me up like new clothes and dressing up. Whether you head to a resale store, maternity store or shop online, find something that will make you feel beautiful when you wear it. Some photographers even have a studio wardrobe- be sure to ask when you look for a photographer.
  • An Excuse To Get Pampered: Whatever “getting ready” means to you, do it. I had my talented friend do my hair and makeup. You can also go someplace like Sephora or a department store beauty counter to get your makeup done for free. I was barefoot, so I also got a pedicure before my photo shoot.
  • Celebrate Your Maternity: Like I said before, I grew a fucking human. The beautiful maternity photos I have will always remind me of this accomplishment.
  • Capture The Moments and Emotions: Maternity photos can capture and preserve so many emotions and moments. I did mine without my husband, but you could certainly include your significant other in the photos. I love the photos looking down at my belly. At the time I did the photos, I thought, “how cliche”; but now it reminds of how many times a day I would look down at my belly, rub it and talk to my little guy.
  • These photos are different than your mirror selfies: Yes, you can easily document your bump with a cell phone and a mirror, but, taking professional photos will capture you from all the right angles. And, with a photographer you can surround yourself with your favorite scenery.
  • Remember Being Pregnant: At this point I do not plan to be pregnant again, so I am grateful to have a collection of maternity photos.

Please share your thoughts about doing a maternity photo shoot below! maternity photo shoot

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