Nordstrom Trunk Club Review

nordstrom trunk club review

My First Nordstrom Truck Club Box Review

I discovered Nordstrom Trunk Club near the end of my pregnancy. I promised myself after I lost my baby weight I would order one. Well, I lost all but 5 pounds of my baby weight and could not wait any longer! I am so excited to share my Nordstrom Trunk Club review.

The sign-up process for Nordstrom Trunk Club is super easy. I entered my information and completed a visual survey that had various outfits ( I answered if I like the look or not). There is a $25 styling fee, which is applied to the purchase of items in your trunk.

Something that I really like about the Nordstrom Trunk Club is that you have an option to request a trunk, instead of having to receive one on a subscription basis (which you can also setup). As much as I would love to get a box of new clothes every month, my budget cannot find room for it.

The most surprising thing to me about signing up for the Nordstrom Trunk club is that shortly after I completed my survey, a personal stylist contacted me. YES- A REAL HUMAN!! After telling her I was ready to ditch the maternity clothes, she even asked about my new baby, how nice of her!

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She asked me more questions to understand what type of outfits I wanted and what my preferences are for colors, patterns, and textures. I set my budget for each item when I signed up for the trunk. She asked if she found something she thought I would like that was over budget, how much I would be willing to pay. I appreciated this as I don’t mind paying more for an item occasionally, but did not want to be receiving a trunk full of items that were out of my budget. nordstrom trunk club review 1

She was very responsive and within 48 hours, Thalia had a complete trunk with 12 items ready for me. The items ranged in price from $19.50-$174.99. It was obvious she picked items to meet my needs, like the Ab-solution Stretch Ankle Skinny Jeans (perfect for hiding the last few pounds of baby weight).

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All the items in my trunk. Scroll down to see details and pricing for each item.

One thing that I love about Nordstrom Trunk Club is the review process. I could see what she picked out for me before the box was shipped. I was able to provide feedback on each item to let her know if I wanted her to ship it or not.

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One of the reasons I signed up for the Nordstrom Trunk Club was to update my closet with some outfits I would not pick out for myself. I kept an open mind during the review process and had her send all but four items. This is a closer look at all the items in my trunk, click to see details for each item).

From top to bottom, these are the items in my Nordstrom Trunk Club Box:

After my trunk arrived, I had 5 days to decide what to keep and what to return. The box included a return address label making it easy to send back what I did not want. I ended up keeping 5 of the 8 items that were sent. My stylist Thalia also sent me an email with outfit ideas based on the items in my trunk.

Nordstrom Trunk Club Review Summary

In summary, I am very happy with my Nordstrom Trunk Club experience. The personal stylist did a great job finding items that I love. The items she sent me were all appropriately priced, and I was actually surprised with the low cost for some (like the $19.50 shirt, which is one of the items I have worn the most since purchasing).

What you need to know:

  • $25 styling fee (applied to the amount due for items you purchase)
  • Real stylist that will engage with you before adding items to your trunk
  • Preview items before the box ships
  • Free returns (label included)
  • Subscription options offered, but not required

I highly recommend trying the Nordstrom Trunk Club. You can get your first box by signing up here: Nordstrom Trunk Club Sign Up. Let me know if you enjoy your first box!

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nordstrom trunk club box review

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