RV Kayak Rack Review

My Experience Using an RV Kayak Rack

If you enjoy kayaking and biking when you take your RV camping, you may have run into a slight logistically problem. It is really difficult to transport kayaks and bikes when you have a fifth wheel camper.

After spending a few months researching the best way to transport my husband’s Hobie Pro Angler Kayak and our bikes with our RV, we decided to make the investment in an RV Kayak Rack. If you have been searching for a kayak rack that attaches to an RV, you likely understand how limited the options are.

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We were a bit hesitant when we realized how much it would cost (around $1750 plus shipping) to get the kayak rack plus the bike rack. However, we could not seem to come up with a better solution to get the kayak and bikes from point A to point B with the RV, so we decided to give it a try.

The Vertical RV Kayak Rack is made by YAKUPS Brand. As of 2017, that seems to be the only company building RV Kayak Racks. The racks are handmade to order, so make sure you order weeks, if not a month or so before you need it. We did not do this and ended up paying a bit extra for a rush order.

We have been using the RV Kayak Rack for a few months. Here are the pros and cons we have found.


  • Kayak and bikes can be transported on the back of the RV together.
  • Kayak rack locks, making the kayak much more secure on the rack than it is in the back of our truck.
  • Storage. It is nice to have a place to store the bikes and kayak. We also use the rack to store and transport a ladder and our sewer pipe.
  • The owner was fairly responsive to questions over the phone prior to ordering and email after we ordered.


  • Not the perfect fit. While our Hobie Pro Angler Kayak does fit onto the rack, it barely fits. And by barely fits, I mean it does not fit properly into the rack as designed.
  • Assembly. The assembly took over an hour. My husband is a strong guy and assembled by himself, but it would be difficult for most to do, especially without help.
  • Logistics of getting the kayak onto the rack. Once again, my husband is strong and he has to really manhandle the kayak to get it onto the rack. It would be really difficult for someone with a smaller stature to do alone.
  • With only one kayak, the bike rack would be better if it was on the opposite side of the kayak.
  • Durability. While the rack is built well, we had concerns after installation about how long of a trip the rack would be able to handle. It would probably be fine as is for short camping trips, but 12 hours on an interstate seemed questionable. We had a friend do some reinforcement welding before we took off for a long trip. We drove 20 hours and the rack did fine.
  • Price. We still can’t believe how much we paid for the rack.

Overall, the vertical rv kayak rack does what it is supposed to. It successfully transports our bikes and kayak from point A to point B. The logistics of hoisting the kayak into the rack may be a concern for active retirees or smaller framed people, depending on the size of kayak. The cost is definitely high, but since there is little competition, it cannot be avoided.

RV Kayak rack review

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