Date Night Ideas: Top Golf

top golf date night idea

Top Golf is a great place to go for your next date night!

One of my favorite places to go with my husband on a date is Top Golf. At first glance, you may think you need to be a great golfer to have a good time, but that is not the case. If you can go to a putt-putt course and have fun, you will enjoy at Top Golf.

top golf date night idea

Top Golf is similar to a driving range. Each player hits the ball off the tee into the range. What makes Top Golf different than a normal driving range is that the balls contain microchips that track where your ball goes.  The range has multiple target areas that are color coded. Each time you hit the ball into a color coded area, you will get points.

top golf date night idea

When you arrive at Top Golf, you will be given a bay. There are three levels of bays. I enjoy the top level because it feels like my ball goes farther when I hit it from the higher level.

Mens and Women’s clubs are in each bay. If you are left handed, you can request left-handed clubs.

The bay will include a touch screen TV to set up your game and track your score, a tee box, and men’s and women’s golf clubs. Your bay will also have a table and chairs. You will get the golf ball when you start your game. Wave your club in front of the sensor on the box and the ball will come out.

top golf date night idea

When you setup, you get to choose from nine different games. My favorite game is the signature Top Golf game, which gives you points for hitting the ball into any of the colored targets. I have a rough time aiming the ball, so this tends to be the best way for me to rack up points. You can do a few practice rounds to warm-up before you choose a game.

top golf date night idea
After you hit the ball into a target, the screen will show you how far you hit it.

Enough about golf, let’s talk about the food and drink! Before you play, you can have a drink or something to eat in the bar. If you prefer to eat and drink while you play, you can order from a server in your bay. Top Golf has a fun cocktail menu (and a phenomenal Bloody Mary bar on Sunday’s). My favorite drink is the Tipsy Palmer (Deep Eddy’s Sweet Tea Vodka + Absolut Citron + Iced Tea +Lemon).

top golf date night idea
Gluten-Free Pizza

Top Golf also has some yummy food. My husband and I usually share steak nachos, which are made on individual, large, half-round chips. The last time we went, it was around dinner time. I had a surprisingly good gluten-free pizza and he had the sunrise burger.

top golf date night idea
The sunrise burger.

Date Night Idea: Top Golf

Locations: 40 locations in 20 states, plus locations in the United Kingdom, Austrailia and Mexico (as of May 2017)

Time: One to three hours

Cost: varies based on the time you golf, cost per hour is for the bay.

  • Before 12pm: $25 per hour
  • 12pm-5pm: $35 per hour
  • 5pm-close: $45 per hour

Whether you own your own set of golf clubs or have never stepped foot on a golf course, Top Golf is a fun place to go for a date!

top golf date night

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