Venidress Review

venidress review venidress scam

Venidress Review = Venidress is a scam. Let my experience be a warning.

One day while scrolling through my Instagram feed, I saw an ad for a cute dress that I had to have from an account called Venidress. I clicked on the “shop now” link and purchased the dress. When I looked at the website, Venidress looked legit- boy was I wrong.

venidress review venidress scam
Screenshot of the ad I used to buy from Venidress. This photo actually belongs to and was taken by Venidress.

About 20 days later the dress finally arrived, from China. It is not the first time I have thought I ordered something from a US store only to have it arrive weeks later from China (Looking at you I should have learned my lesson from my experience with PatPat, but they had really good customer service when I had a problem.

I was immediately wary when I opened the package from Venidress. The dress was not even close to the shade of green advertised in the photo. I tried it on, and while it was a close fit, it was definitely not the dress in the photo. The dress seemed like it was sewn together when I ordered it and had hems showing. The fabric was cheap.

venidress review venidress scam
The dress sent may sort of look like the ad, but the color is not sea foam green it is more of a light blue-teal. The fabric is also different. There is also too much fabric around the waist area and neckline.

It was clear Venidress sent a knock off. By pure chance, I had shared a screen shot of the dress in the photo before I tried it on, making a joke about how it came from China. One of my friends sent me a message saying that was the same photo as a had on their account… Great Venidress sent me a knock-off.

venidress review venidress scam 1
My conversation with ViciDolls reporting the stolen photo.

After I realized that Venidress sent me a knockoff, I contacted them to return my dress. This is where the problems really started.

venidress review venidress scam

Here is the best way to summarize my return experience:

  • Yes, Venidress told me to return it- but I had to pay freight back to China
  • Venidress offered my $5 to keep it, later offered $8
  • After about 10 back and forth emails, I gave up and contacted PayPal
  • PayPal declined my initial request for  buyer protection
  • I contacted PayPal by phone and was told to file a claim here:Internet Crime Complaint Center
  • I am waiting to hear back from PayPal after filing the Internet Crime Complaint (at this point, not happy with PayPal)

If you are wondering why there are no complaints directly on Venidress’s social media, it is because they delete all negative comments as soon as they see them, and they block the person who leaves them. I have had both my Instagram accounts blocked. There is now an account called Venidress Is A Scam exposing the Venidress scam.

If you have been a victim to the Venidress Scam, here is what you can do:

  • Return the clothing to China (you pay shipping) and cross your fingers they actually refund you.
  • File a complaint with your bank. Some twitter users stated their bank treated the charges as fraudulent.
  • If you paid with PayPal, contact PayPal for Buyer’s protection. Be ready with as much evidence as possible.
  • File a report with the Internet Crime Complaint Center
  • Share your screenshots online using #Venidress and tag the Venidress Is A Scam account.
  • Report Venidress to Facebook and Instagram.
  • Contact Shopify to report Venidress as a fraudulent retailer using their platform.

Venidress Review Summary: Venidress is a Scam

In summary, save your hard earned money and shop elsewhere. My overall review of Venidress is that the company is selling knockoff items and basically ripping off customers with a horrible return policy and terrible customer service. Don’t fall for the Venidress scam like I did!!

Have you had a bad experience with Venidress? Please share below!

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